The Couri Vine series recently received two raving reviews from two separate comic fan sites – and we are over the moon!

Have a look at these great quotes below, and click through to read the review in full!

THE PULLBOX.COM, review: 9/10

“Couri isn’t unfortunate… she’s extraordinary! . . . Where writer Vanessa Shealy has concocted a story full of interesting situations, artist Leah Lovise makes it shine! . . . This is a title to pick up if you’re a parent whose little person is interested in reading a comic about hijinks and adventure, with a relatable hero in Couri Vine. She’s the ultimate kids’ hero, loyal to her family and friends and determined to discover all that she can despite the obstacles and challenges in her path. The bonus here is that Couri Vine is a pretty painless read for any adults who might be reading along with their kids.” READ MORE

FROM BUT WHY THO, reviewed by Lizzy Garcia

Couri Vine has a lot of whimsy for a space adventure. And while the reading level of the comic skews fairly young, the fact that it features a disabled protagonist makes it endearing and relatable for me, a grown woman. Couri’s adventure is a thrilling journey of self-discovery.” READ MORE

Couri Vine, Book 1