“With a compelling, relatable hero—part curious kid, part determined underdog—and a fresh, fun setting with a city-in-a-bottle novelty, Couri Vine has all the ingredients for a winning series.” — Michael Northrop, DEAR JUSTICE LEAGUE

A thrilling journey of self-discovery. Fans of The Unstoppable Wasp or Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur should definitely pick this one up.” But Why Thou

“This is a title to pick up if you’re a parent whose little person is interested in reading a comic about hijinks and adventure, with a relatable hero in Couri Vine. She’s the ultimate kids’ hero, loyal to her family and friends and determined to discover all that she can despite the obstacles and challenges in her path. The bonus here is that Couri Vine is a pretty painless read for any adults who might be reading along with their kids.”  — The Pullbox 

“Where writer Vanessa Shealy has concocted a story full of interesting people and situations, artist Leah Lovise makes it shine!”   — The Pullbox 

“Couri is smart, curious, and different. The kind of different that she may not appreciate now but will ultimately prove to be her biggest asset. I loved this dazzling moon world and the compelling mystery kept me turning pages. Kids will definitely relate to this unique heroine.”  — Goldy Moldavsky, NO GOOD DEED

“Like we should love our moon leader, I love this book!”  Jason Inman, co-creator of JUPITER JET

“Couri Vine: Girl. Nerd. Superhero…not too far off the mark on all three counts, we’d suggest, especially if we stretch the label “superhero” to mean a two-person team who creates and publishes and markets a made-for-young-readers sci-fi adventure series that’s brimming with colorful comic-book moxie and futuristic thrills.” — Wayne Alan Brenner, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

“Couri Vine is truly touching and speaks to me about being who we truly are. Leah Lovise and Vanessa Shealy tell a powerful story of determination, defiance, and freedom. The writing was masterful.” — David Gallaher, THE ONLY LIVING GIRL

“Fun characters and an intriguing premise will have you over the moon for Couri Vine.” — Adam Vermillion, FOR THE LOVE OF COMICS podcast

“Couri Vine transports you to another world (well, okay, a moon) full of marvel, mirth, and mysteries that will keep young readers turning the page.”     — Norm Harper, HAPHAVEN

“From all-woman team of Leah Lovise and Vanessa Shealy, with coloring by Indigo Rael, Couri Vine is pretty darn cute… .I don’t know about you, but I am always here for girl detectiving and adventuring.” — Megan Purdy, WOMEN WRITE ABOUT COMICS blog

“Couri Vine is charmingly written by Vanessa Shealy and effectively illustrated by Leah Lovise. The new series joins the ranks of fellow girl-power pieces, such as Batwoman and World’s Finest. And if you’re simply a fan of the astronaut element of series like Fantastic Four and Green Lantern, you’ll love Couri Vine.” — Tom S. Johnson, writer and editor

“Combining tropes of children’s literature with good old-fashioned pulpy sci-fi, Couri Vine follows in the footsteps of Monica Huges’ Olwen in Keeper of the Isis Light with many of the lunar trappings of Paula Danziger’s This Place Has no Atmosphere. Lovise’s character designs are distinct and her linework approachable without being overly cute; rendering of sci-fi stables like robots and spacecraft bear recognizably classic influences, often with a whimsical twist.” — Russell Taylor, librarian, DEEP STACKS blog 

“Mysterious powers, a special helmet, a forbidden map, and the Moon: Vanessa Shealy’s COURI VINE is a thrilling introduction to a world that is filled with mystery, science, and excitement and I, for one, cannot wait to experience more of it.” — David Davis, Creator of COSMIC DASH