Sea monsters and evil robots and mad scientists, oh my!

Like Dorothy, Couri Vine can’t seem to catch her breath. But rather than going over the rainbow, she’s returning to an abandoned Earth.

This welcome return to Couri’s universe never loses its vivid optimism—due to the pluckiness of its courageous young hero. Dorothy may have gotten swept away by the storm, but Couri takes control of every situation she encounters.

The second issue of this exciting series boasts a strong supporting cast, and it reveals the rich history that led up to moving the human civilization to the moon.

Vanessa Shealy’s clever script captures the spirit of contemporary adolescents, while still managing to appeal to adult readers. And Leah Lovise’s gorgeous illustration and brilliant use of color all serve to enhance the storytelling of this fun, adventurous piece.

Check out Couri Vine #2 today!

  • Review by Tom S. Johnson
  • Freelance Editor and Writer